Established in 1906 we are a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) with the aim of making the game of golf accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, our aim is being hindered and we have not yet been able to restore our course following winter flooding caused by a breach in an Environment Agency maintained flood barrier.

10% of our members moved 3000 sandbags over 300 yards to repair the breach in the flood barrier using only wheelbarrows so that we could pump the water back into the main waterways. Our staff maintained overnight vigils on the pumps for over 72 hours in freezing conditions. Our members continue to volunteer their time and effort to help the club but…..

We are 6 months on from the original breach and to date we have not received a £ to help restore our course from anyone other than our members.

We are not a rich club in monetary terms but we are very much a part of the local community and we need help.

Our insurers do not cover all the costs of restoring the course, so we need to raise funds to ensure we can restore the course to its former condition. The flood caused extensive damage to trees, bridges, greens, fairways and tee boxes on land that is not only enjoyed by golfers but by walkers, bird watchers and runners alike.

Please support our efforts and donate. If you are a UK Taxpayer we can claim additional money from the government if you GiftAid any donation.

We are happy to receive all donations. Anything you donate is appreciated and will help to restore the course and to achieve our aim of making the game of golf accessible to everyone.

Please share this with anyone you know who might be willing to help.

Thank you.

Carholme Golf Club